IPCV-LAB acquired 2 turtleBots for the IE-0449 Computer Vision course

These two turtleBots will be used in the IE-0449 Computer Vision course, which will be taught by Dr. Geovanni Martínez during the first semester of 2018, so that the applications for autonomous robotics developed by the students in the course can also be be tested on real robotic platforms (not just in simulations!). Likewise, it will help students who collaborate in the Image Processing and Computar Vision Research Laboratory (IPCV-LAB: http://ipcv-lab.eie.ucr.ac.cr) to familiarize themselves with autonomous robots first of low cost, before venturing into their projects to use the more expensive and sophisticated robots that the IPCV-LAB has for research, such as the Husky A200 and the Seerkur Jr.